starwebworld.com is a registered company in the India. Within a India of just few years, we have been successful in delivering world class services to our esteemed clients. starwebworld.com offers web solutions which prove to be effective tools of marketing and ensure return on investments.

Years of experience have enabled us to give our customers affordable, custom based packages. we give you web design and development services. Our professional team constantly hones their skill to ensure that you stay ahead in this competitive world. Our pool of technicians of web developers, designers, Digital Services, content developers, endeavours to attain customer satisfaction. Integrating core values of honesty, quality and competency we cater to worldwide customers. With unequivocal attention to our customer's wants and requirements we believe in serving our clients diligently and passionately. We do not constrict our horizon with standard procedures and assure packages and deals that facilitates growth.


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Technology and Languages

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Dedicated Team

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Branding is just as important for small businesses as it is for big names. Indeed, many corporate brands try to look more like small firms in order to appeal to consumers that prefer to support independent brands. We suggest before you start any business first take trademark of your brand name, patent and copyright.

Technology and Languages:-

We always use latest technology. Often a project will require a combination of programming languages, and our team of developers will use those languages and scripts that are best for the project. Here is a selection of the programming languages and web scripts used by our team.

PHP - Incredibly powerful, PHP helps ypur applications run faster

JavaScript - This is used to create a rich user experience

AJAX - By sending and displaying data from a server without effecting the existing display, AJAX helps reduce load times

Objective-C - An object oriented programming language, preferred for Apple products

Java - This general-purpose, object-oriented programming language is designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible. This means that compiled Java code can run on multiple platforms without the need for recompilation

ASP.NET - Developed by Microsoft, this web application framework is intended for the development of dynamic websites, web applications, and web services

MySQL - MySQL is an open source relational database management system that allows multi-user access to myriad databases

HTML5 - The primary markup language for creating web pages. HTML5 also includes awesome APIs, such as user geolocation

CSS3 - While not a programming langauge, CSS is used in front end development to make your site look pretty

Dedicated Team:-

We have a dedicated team for Major Projects.


We Are Hiring.

1:- PHP Developer (2-4 year EXP.)

2:-Web Development Trainee(0-1 year EXP.)


Office Address:- Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India.
Mobile No:- +91-7505966178
General Enquiry:- Email: starwebworld1947@gmail.com
Sales Enquiry:- Email: starwebworld1947@gmail.com

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